Stitch Fix #4

My first fix after baby!  YAY!  Back to (almost) regular clothes.  Don’t know what Stitch Fix is?  You can check out my first post where I give a little detail here and get your own fix here.  I was super excited to receive this fix since being pregnant gave me a reason to go through my closet and get rid of a bunch of stuff.  I gave my stylist free range with the only request that tops be really easy to wear while nursing.  Normally I take pictures of me wearing the items…but parenthood. 😉 Here are my thoughts:

I really liked the fit of these jeans but I just can’t get behind the ‘boyfriend’ cut.  I know they are trending right now because they are everywhere but I just don’t care for the way they look on me.  I love how they look on others with a slip on sneaker or sandal though.  This particular pair was a bit long on me, which almost never is an issue.  I even tried to roll the leg up one more time but it was still not working for me.  Verdict:  Return

The colors on this dress are really muted, almost faded, which was an automatic turn off.  In addition to the belt, there is a cinched waist which is not something that has EVER worked for me and my short torso.  If it was just the belt I could maybe make it work but that wasn’t the case with this dress.  Also, the neckline is really wide and really low.  There is no way to wear this without a cami underneath.  On the plus side, it would make nursing super easy.  Verdict:  Return

This top is definitely something I would not pick for myself but when I first saw it I thought it had some promise.  When I tried it on it was ok.  I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it.  While it would give easy access for nursing I worried that any spit up or residual milk may leave a stain on the fabric.  Verdict:  Return


I almost didn’t even try these on I disliked them so much.  They are not my style at all. I feel like every other item in my fix at least somewhat resembles my style these were a total miss.  I did try them on before returning my box and they were really stiff.  Also, the top of the shoe comes really close to my ankle and digs in uncomfortably when walking.  Verdict:  Return


I actually really liked this top.  I have one that is almost identical from Banana Republic so I did not keep it.  The fit was great but it was a bit long.  It would be perfect with leggings or add a thin belt and it could be a (rather short) dress for someone braver than I.  Verdict:  Return

This fix missed the mark.  I went back through my pinterest page which I have linked to give the stylist a better idea of what I like and I can see the path from my pins to what came in my box.  So while this box didn’t do it for me I am excited to get another next month!  You can also see that the last 3 boxes have had some great items.  This is the first time I have returned everything.

I will say that their customer service has been fantastic.  I received 3 different contacts from their staff checking in regarding my fix and apologizing for missing the mark this month.  We will see how next month goes!

Want your own fix?!  Check them out!



Stitch Fix #2

So, it’s official. I’m In love!  Stitch Fix has been awesome!  This box was full of items that were exactly what I asked for. I was tempted to keep it all, but as I’m coming to the end of this pregnancy I weighed out cost vs. wearability over the long term and ended up only keeping two items. Here’s what came in my fix:

1.  Jeans $60

I am pretty petite (5’3″ish) but I have long legs so I typically have to get a tall length in any pants I buy. I have been on the hunt for maternity jeans, with a boot cut or mini-flare for a few months now with no luck (unless I want to pay around $100 for them and I just can’t justify that much on something I’ll only get a few months out of). So, my stylist found me a pair!  They are “under the belly” which as my belly grows I prefer. The fit was ok though. It was kind of bunchy around the knee. Maybe going down a size would have helped. I decided not to keep them though. They would work and they weren’t so big I wouldn’t wear them but I didn’t love them.

2. Navy dress $68 

The more I look at the pictures of this dress the more I like it but I did not keep it. In my note to my stylist I didn’t specify what kind of dresses I wanted, just that I needed one for my baby shower coming up. This dress is cute but I prefer a more fitted look. I’m basically all belly so I wanna show it off!  This dress hangs off my belly and made me feel 30lbs heavier than I am.

3. Gold necklace: $34

LOVE!  But, I have one so similar to it already so I sent it back. I did ask if they have it in silver for my April fix.

4. Sweater $68
 Not the best picture here but you get the gist. I kept this. It’s so soft and comfortable. It really is the perfect sweater to transition into the warmer spring weather and the heathered look gives it a depth that a solid color would completely lose.  It’s not a maternity specific item either, so I know that I’ll be able to wear it for awhile.

5.  Baby shower dress $78

I won’t share the picture just yet but I did keep a second item. It’s a fuschia dress and I’ll debut it on the blog after my baby shower. 😉

Overall I was very happy with this fix!  The stylist followed exactly what I asked for. For my next box I pretty much said anything goes so I’m excited to see what I get!

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Ps-I’m aware the is far from my best post…the pictures aren’t great and the prices are all approximate as I’ve misplaced the paperwork that came with my fix. Also, if you follow on Instagram (@lovelypinkglitter) this was supposed to be posted yesterday!  Because, you know, life. 😜. But I wanted to make sure to share my box before my April one comes!  If I ever find the paperwork I’ll update the prices and designers of the items!  In my perfect world, when baby comes I’ll be able to focus more on the blog during naps and actually have a plan and schedule instead of my current quick updates during lunch breaks at work or getting into bed and frantically remembering I haven’t posted in over a week and scrambling to put something together. You deserve better, I know that. I’m also pretty sure that whole run on sentence made every parent in history laugh until they cry. Hey, a girl can dream right?!

Stitch Fix-Maternity!


Stitch Fix is a service where you essentially fill out a survey and they send you clothes!  There is more to it but it really is super simple.  I love shopping but I also love the idea of someone shopping for me. You have a stylist that works with you to determine your style and needs then they send you 5 items they think you’ll love.  It’s a great way to try new items that you may not even glance at otherwise.  I recently learned they offer maternity sizes, and being 6 months pregnant and struggling to find work appropriate clothing that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, I decided to jump in!

The process:  I signed up and filled out a survey.  The survey asks questions about your size, your style, and gives you examples of outfits that you rate.  There is also a place for you to write a note to your stylist.  I completed my survey and my pre-preggo style is a little different from my bump style.  I let my stylist know that I like the tops to be fitted because I am very short waisted and feel like the tunic styles make me look like I’m ready to pop when I really have about 3 months left.  There is a $20 styling fee (I assume to cover shipping, the stylist, and convenience) but it gets applied to anything you keep.

Here’s what I got:

1. Tart:  Collins Faux Leather Jacket $98

While not maternity, it’s a great light weight jacket as we go into spring. I had already been keeping an eye out for a black motorcycle-style jacket and while this is a bit different, I like the versatility of it. I can dress it up or down while I feel like a moto-jacket is more of a casual item.  The fit is great and at just under $100 I think the price is very reasonable. I’ve worn it a couple of times and it’s been a nice alternative to the blazer style jackets or cardigans that I’ve been wearing when I need an extra layer.

Verdict:  keep!

2. Margaret M:  Emer Maternity Straight Leg Pant $98

These pants are an under the belly style which I liked more than I thought I would. There is elastic on the sides which allow the pants to grow along with your belly throughout pregnancy. There’s also some stretch in the pants themselves. They were very comfortable but they were too short. I have pretty long legs for my relatively petite 5’4″ height. I did mention this in my style profile but it was missed. I usually need a “tall” length even in flats. These pants were too long to be considered cropped and too short to be ankle length on me.  Also, $98 isn’t bad for quality work pants that I can wear for a long time but it’s more than I care to spend on pants I can only get a few months out of.

Verdict:  return

3. Loveappella Maternity: Angelique Maternity Knit Top $54

I liked the fit of this top but the pattern is really busy for me. I tried it on with a black blazer and that toned it down a lot but with the weather getting warmer (and those pregnancy heat hormones finally starting to kick in) I don’t want to feel forced into wearing more layers than necessary. The material was nice and stretchy but I feel like it would probably add to the heat factor as well. Note to self-write down the fabric blend before sending items back.  Again, the price is more than I want to spend on something I’ll only wear for a short time.

Verdict: return

4. Zad: Rhonda Mini Spoon Necklace $34

I like this necklace. It’s very versatile. It’s on a 30 inch adjustable chain which is great for the higher neckline items I’ve been wearing lately.

Verdict:  keep!

5.  Donna Morgan: Drew Jersey Dress $118

This is not a maternity piece but I did mention that I’d love ideas on items I can wear during and post pregnancy. The stretch on this sheath dress was great and it fit a lot better than I expected it to. The pattern is very busy, even with a cardigan or blazer.  Also, I feel like the price is very high for the material. Again, I’ll note the blends next time. While I was surprised to like it more than I thought I would, I just didn’t like it enough to pay that much.

Verdict:  return


Overall experience:  I am pretty happy with my Fix.  I figure it will take a few months before we really hone in on my style while also my comfort zone-just in time for me to go back to regular clothes!  I think the pricing is in line with stores such as Nordstrom, Banana Republic, The Limited, etc…  So, I don’t think the prices are so out of range. While I love a good sale, I also love getting an outsiders perspective.  Plus, with motherhood quickly approaching I love the convenience of having the items shipped to me.  I think it’s a great way to build or supplement your wardrobe.

Can’t wait until my next Fix!

Want to get your own?? You can do so here.  This is not a sponsored post but I do get a referral credit if you order your own Fix!