My New Favorite Manicure

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet to make up for last week’s miss. I love having my nails done. It makes feel like I am still put together even if my hair is a mess or my makeup is the bare minimum. I find the upkeep difficult though for several reasons. There’s finding the time to go to the salon without the little one, or I could do them at home but I never am able to allow them to fully dry so they end up getting messed up on day 1. Recently I attended an online party with Sandy, for a company called Color Street and my mani world has changed!

Rio Red

Color Street is 100% nail polish strips. They are easy to apply, come in a ton of colors, and they last just as long (but mostly longer) as a regular manicure! Plus, my favorite feature: NO DRY TIME!

What makes Color Street better? In my experience Color Street exceeds it competitors for a few reasons. My struggle with similar products is that the strips don’t fully adhere to my nail so I end up with puckering and peeling. With Color Street, since it is real nail polish, the strips are more flexible and can even be stretched a bit to fit your nails perfectly. Application is easy and quick, plus everything you need comes in the little packet. There’s nothing extra needed!

Color Street is purchased through Independent Stylists. I have a few I can refer you to if you are interested in checking them out!

Here are some of my manicures. I promise, they’re awesome!

Colors top to bottom: Rio Red, Giza Sands and Tokyo Lights, French Meet Me in Paris, Tokyo Lights

Tip: Since these strips are made of real nail polish, they will eventually dry out if left open. To get more than one manicure out of a pack, I replace the unused strips back in the plastic, squeeze out as much air as possible then seal with packing tape. I was able to use the same color strips 3 weeks later. *No where on the Color Street site, or through consultants, is this endorsed…just found this to be useful to me after I lost half a pack without even thinking about the strips drying out!

Check out the strips here and let me know your favorite color! Mine is Tokyo Lights!

I purchased the nail strips shown above on my own. I received a free set of strips as a thank you for the referral links after the blog was published. All pictures and opinions are my own.

Liquid Palisade

If you follow any nail design accounts on Instagram, chances are you have seen Liquid Palisade by Kiesque in action.  It is a liquid nail tape that allows you to create custom designs that sometimes stamps or stencils don’t allow for.

I chose to do something really simple as I it tested out.  I purchased the French Manicure version which has a very thin brush.  They also have their original version which has a thicker brush and is often used on the skin around the nail to be the barrier when using stamps or stencils.

I found it pretty easy to use and very forgiving when making a straight line.  I used Butter London’s Patent-Gel Tops and Tails for my base and top coats.  Julep Brigitte was my first coat.  It’s a white, cream finish polish.  In picture 2, the purple is the Liquid Palisade.  I found this design idea on Pinterest.  With the Liquid Palisade in place, I then used butter London in Fiver for the second coat of polish.  Using tweezers I pulled off the Liquid Palisade leaving the white to peek through.


Some tips when using the Liquid Palisade:

  1.  It is easier to lift when the Liquid Palisade overlaps onto your skin.
  2. Pull the Liquid Palisade off right away to create a clean line.

Check out their Instagram here.  Have you tried it?  You can get it at Sephora.  Share your pictures in the comments or use #lovelypinkglitter on Instagram!