Friday Five: Maternity Must Haves

Welcome to my new series!  Friday Five will include 5 items each week that I want to share with you.  If you’ve been following along you know my life pretty much is revolving around my little one who is only 9 weeks old, so this week I will share some crucial items that helped me survive the months leading up to her arrival.  I promise the posts won’t all be about baby!

I have to admit I had a relatively easy pregnancy.    Now, delivery is another story.  Below are a few items that really made a difference in being able to enjoy the journey instead of being frustrated by the typical ailments that most moms to be experience.

  1.  Taco Bell Bean and Cheese Burritos:  No joke, I practically lived off these in the first few months!
  2. Boppy Pregnancy Wedge:  In the last trimester I was super uncomfortable and had a really hard time sleeping.  This wedge made a huge difference after trying a few other pregnancy pillows.
  3. Hydro Flask 40 oz:  One thing my midwife always asked about was my water intake.  I have never been a big water drinker in general so I had a daily goal of 2 40 oz. bottles.  When I didn’t hit that goal, I could feel the difference in my energy and joint pain.
  4. Coconut Oil:  as my skin was stretching to make room for my large child (born over 9lb) it was ITCHY!  It was itchy deep down and no amount of scratching could ease the sensation.  Coconut oil was the ONLY thing that even curbed the itchiness.  Now that I am nursing and went from a B cup to a D cup it’s also the only thing that eases the itchiness there as well.
  5. Old Navy Maternity Jersey Leggings:  I have never been a ‘leggings outside of the house/gym” type person.  Just like I never wore pajamas to school unless it was PJ day specifically.  Pregnancy changed all that.  I did not want to spend a lot on leggings and when I found these I pretty much lived in them when I wasn’t at work.  They are lightweight yet thick enough that nothing showed through.  They are under the belly, which was essential with my itchy tummy.  I love them!  They actually inspired me to buy a pair of Lu La Roe leggings which can be seen EVERYWHERE right now.

What were your must have items while pregnant?!

What other things would you like to see in this weekly series?  Make sure to comment below!



40 Weeks

Today’s the day:  my estimated due date!  However, there is very little going on to indicate that little miss is ready to make her debut.  Up until last week I was doing really well with the whole, “she’ll come when she’s ready” concept.  Now, we are ready to meet her!  I’ve been home for almost 3 weeks.  I have completed my pre-baby to-do list and have watched more 30 minute sitcoms during the day than should ever be allowed and 2 full seasons of shows on Netflix.  I am bored!  I know that those with kids are probably chuckling while thinking, “just you wait…” but we are ready.

We are ready to see what she looks like.  We are ready to see what her personality develops into.  We are ready to see her smile.  We are ready to be a family of 4 (we have a furry kid as well).  I am ready to be able to lay down comfortably again, even if that doesn’t involve sleeping.  We are ready to be up at all hours.  We are ready for all the things that come along with being a new parent.   As ready as anyone can be, at least.

We are ready, but apparently she is not.  She’s the one in control here and we know that is what’s best for her.  So, we will wait, patiently, for our whole lives to change.


Stitch Fix #2

So, it’s official. I’m In love!  Stitch Fix has been awesome!  This box was full of items that were exactly what I asked for. I was tempted to keep it all, but as I’m coming to the end of this pregnancy I weighed out cost vs. wearability over the long term and ended up only keeping two items. Here’s what came in my fix:

1.  Jeans $60

I am pretty petite (5’3″ish) but I have long legs so I typically have to get a tall length in any pants I buy. I have been on the hunt for maternity jeans, with a boot cut or mini-flare for a few months now with no luck (unless I want to pay around $100 for them and I just can’t justify that much on something I’ll only get a few months out of). So, my stylist found me a pair!  They are “under the belly” which as my belly grows I prefer. The fit was ok though. It was kind of bunchy around the knee. Maybe going down a size would have helped. I decided not to keep them though. They would work and they weren’t so big I wouldn’t wear them but I didn’t love them.

2. Navy dress $68 

The more I look at the pictures of this dress the more I like it but I did not keep it. In my note to my stylist I didn’t specify what kind of dresses I wanted, just that I needed one for my baby shower coming up. This dress is cute but I prefer a more fitted look. I’m basically all belly so I wanna show it off!  This dress hangs off my belly and made me feel 30lbs heavier than I am.

3. Gold necklace: $34

LOVE!  But, I have one so similar to it already so I sent it back. I did ask if they have it in silver for my April fix.

4. Sweater $68
 Not the best picture here but you get the gist. I kept this. It’s so soft and comfortable. It really is the perfect sweater to transition into the warmer spring weather and the heathered look gives it a depth that a solid color would completely lose.  It’s not a maternity specific item either, so I know that I’ll be able to wear it for awhile.

5.  Baby shower dress $78

I won’t share the picture just yet but I did keep a second item. It’s a fuschia dress and I’ll debut it on the blog after my baby shower. 😉

Overall I was very happy with this fix!  The stylist followed exactly what I asked for. For my next box I pretty much said anything goes so I’m excited to see what I get!

Get your own fix here!

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Ps-I’m aware the is far from my best post…the pictures aren’t great and the prices are all approximate as I’ve misplaced the paperwork that came with my fix. Also, if you follow on Instagram (@lovelypinkglitter) this was supposed to be posted yesterday!  Because, you know, life. 😜. But I wanted to make sure to share my box before my April one comes!  If I ever find the paperwork I’ll update the prices and designers of the items!  In my perfect world, when baby comes I’ll be able to focus more on the blog during naps and actually have a plan and schedule instead of my current quick updates during lunch breaks at work or getting into bed and frantically remembering I haven’t posted in over a week and scrambling to put something together. You deserve better, I know that. I’m also pretty sure that whole run on sentence made every parent in history laugh until they cry. Hey, a girl can dream right?!