We’ve been BOO-ed!

Hey there!  Long time no chat!  I’m trying out something new for the blog so check it out in the video below:


Broccoli, Bacon, and Caramelized Onion Quiche

You guys…this dish is AMAZING!  It is my new go-to breakfast.  Breakfast is the hardest meal of the day for me with the little one.  There are days when I don’t eat until after 10am!  This is no bueno.  So, to Pinterest I went looking for some things that I could make that would last a few days.  I found a winner!

I cannot take claim for this recipe.  While I love to cook, I don’t typically create my own recipes but I almost always modify those that I find.  You can find the original quiche here.  I have a few recipes from Jessica’s site, howsweeteats.com and  I am pretty sure I have loved everything I have tried.

Quiche is one of those things that I hated as a kid.  If I remember correctly, the ONLY time my mom would make separate food for us kids was when she made quiche.  Otherwise it was eat it or go hungry, with love 😉  As I have grown older tastes have changed and there are some really good things out there!  Quiche is now one of those things.

My modifications:

  • For the crust I used Annie’s Crescent Roll dough instead of traditional pie dough.  The recipe does include how to make dough but I was all about pre-made dough this time.  Next time I will follow the crust recipe or buy actual pie crust.  The crescent roll dough tastes good but it isn’t as flaky and it stays kind of moist.  Which makes me wonder, how would flaky biscuit dough work?!  Maybe I’ll try it next time
  • I used regular broccoli instead of broccolini because I already have a ton of it.  Also, to save some time I did not pre-roast it.  I eyeballed the amount I used too, about 3/4 cup.
  • I only used one cup of heavy whipping cream instead of one and a half.

I ended up having a little left over bacon, potatoes, and cheese so I ate it as a snack which the quiche cooked with some salsa.  Yum!  Make this and tell me how much you love it!



F5: InstagramMUAs

So maybe we call this series Every Other Friday 5…  In all honesty I go through bouts of being super motivated and feeling really creative coupled with times where this blog doesn’t even cross my mind for days at a time.  I think the key will be to really grab those creative times and pre-write a ton.  So, here we go!

September’s Friday Five will be all about Instagram!  I love Instagram.  In a world where time is short, I love the quick access I have to friends and family along with fellow bloggers, fashionistas, makeup artists, and more.  I will say that I do not love the new non-chronological feed and I have always loathed the auto-refresh but otherwise it’s a great platform.  Also, IG Stories!  I have always pushed off Snapchat but I have to say IG Stories are SO FUN!

Anyway…this week I am sharing my favorite make up ladies on Instagram!  It was really hard to narrow it down to just five but here they are in no particular order:

  1. @maskcara:  she has a great mix of makeovers, makeup tips, and life. 
  2. @lindahallbergs:  her makeup trusted is amazing! 
  3. @vivianmakeupartist:  I like to think of her style as natural glam. It’s gorgeous!
  4. @makeupbytiffanyd:  she mostly does reviews on her YouTube channel but her previews and style are always film to follow. 
  5. @anissamakeup:  I’ve been following her for awhile. Her makeup has always been great but I’ve watched her style become more sophisticated. 

Who are some of your favorites?