The product that has drastically changed my skin for the better!

If you follow me on Instagram or we’re friends on Facebook then you know that I have become obsessed with a new skincare product called Joyome. I want to share ALL the details with you!

Why I chose Joyome
I have always struggled with my skin. Even when my skin was at it’s best, I would still wear full coverage foundation because it was prone to breakouts, redness, large pores, oily-ness, the list goes on. I received a sample of Joyome from a friend and instantly fell in love. My skin was immediately noticeably different. Now, a bit of backstory. Before this blog I was an Independent Consultant for a skin care company. I sold great skincare. I learned not only about the product I was selling but I researched everything about skincare in general and a passion grew from that. Since then I have tried so many different products and while some have been good, I never felt like they were great. It wasn’t until I started using Origins that I actually repurchased product. I thought that my skin was as good as it was going to get. Anyway, fast forward to about 2 weeks ago and I tried Joyome. In about one week I went from wearing a full coverage foundation daily to wearing just a tinted moisturizer confidently! I decided to become an ambassador because everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin and I want to help! Check out my personal before and after pictures. The difference after just 2 weeks astounds me!

My dark spots are lighter, my oily-ness has evened out, my redness is diminished, the puffiness around my eyes is reduced, my pores are visibly smaller, and you can’t see it by my skin is SO smooth! Plus, it’s SO easy! Joyome is simply a pair of serums. One to be used in the morning the other at night after using your regular cleanser and toner. I’ve been using Origins for awhile now so I just replaced my Origins serum with Joyome and the results are amazing. I still use a moisturizer although you may not need one.

Joyome by Plexus
Plexus is the Health and Happiness Company! They have supplements and vitamins to support weight management, nutrition, and personal care. I’ve been a customer for a while and love the product! I currently use X Factor, a multi-vitamin, and I just started using Plexus Slim again (AKA The Pink Drink!). Recently this company has been at the forefront of health by focusing on the Microbiome (as spotlighted in GLAMOUR and Success From Home magazines) which is simply the importance of starting your health journey at the cellular level with your body. So, while the skin care has blown me away, Plexus has so many other great products to help you and whatever your health goals are.

What’s in Joyome?
Joyome is a patent-pending complex that balances your skins Microbiome. It is a unique prebiotic blend that combats the signs of aging, minimizes the appearance of pores, helps to brighten skin, improves the texture of skin, and more! There are 11 primary multi-active ingredients that provide these results. What’s not in it? It’s free of parabens, synthetic fragrances, formaldehyde and more! I love that Joyome was created using European standards. Did you know that in the EU over 1300 ingredients are banned but in the US it’s significantly less! I feel confident about the product safety when using it, plus there’s a 60 day money back guarantee. Win-win! You can read about why each ingredient was chosen here.

What makes it different?
Sure, there are other products out there that are up to EU standards, GMO free, and cruelty free but one thing that makes Joyome different is how the product is delivered to your skin. The HydraLipid Delivery System is a patented delivery system that uses the same lipids naturally found in skin which allows for enhanced absorption through the skins outer layer. This means that it allows the product to actually reach the areas of the skin where it’s needed most.

You’ve seen my personal results above. Here are some other pictures for you to check out. In clinical trials, after 8 weeks 100% saw a reduction in facial lines and wrinkles. 100% saw increased hydration. 97% saw a reduction in pore size. 91% saw improved skin elasticity. 91% saw a reduction in under-eye puffiness. These results are amazing and the pictures really speak for themselves.

Get Joyome for yourself!
You can check out Joyome here. I am here to answer your questions so ask away! I can also help with any other vitamins or supplements you are looking for. Let’s get healthy inside and out!


My New Favorite Manicure

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet to make up for last week’s miss. I love having my nails done. It makes feel like I am still put together even if my hair is a mess or my makeup is the bare minimum. I find the upkeep difficult though for several reasons. There’s finding the time to go to the salon without the little one, or I could do them at home but I never am able to allow them to fully dry so they end up getting messed up on day 1. Recently I attended an online party with Sandy, for a company called Color Street and my mani world has changed!

Rio Red

Color Street is 100% nail polish strips. They are easy to apply, come in a ton of colors, and they last just as long (but mostly longer) as a regular manicure! Plus, my favorite feature: NO DRY TIME!

What makes Color Street better? In my experience Color Street exceeds it competitors for a few reasons. My struggle with similar products is that the strips don’t fully adhere to my nail so I end up with puckering and peeling. With Color Street, since it is real nail polish, the strips are more flexible and can even be stretched a bit to fit your nails perfectly. Application is easy and quick, plus everything you need comes in the little packet. There’s nothing extra needed!

Color Street is purchased through Independent Stylists. I have a few I can refer you to if you are interested in checking them out!

Here are some of my manicures. I promise, they’re awesome!

Colors top to bottom: Rio Red, Giza Sands and Tokyo Lights, French Meet Me in Paris, Tokyo Lights

Tip: Since these strips are made of real nail polish, they will eventually dry out if left open. To get more than one manicure out of a pack, I replace the unused strips back in the plastic, squeeze out as much air as possible then seal with packing tape. I was able to use the same color strips 3 weeks later. *No where on the Color Street site, or through consultants, is this endorsed…just found this to be useful to me after I lost half a pack without even thinking about the strips drying out!

Check out the strips here and let me know your favorite color! Mine is Tokyo Lights!

I purchased the nail strips shown above on my own. I received a free set of strips as a thank you for the referral links after the blog was published. All pictures and opinions are my own.

The Perfect Wedding Makeup

The Royal Wedding has been blasted everywhere and I am here to bombard you once more. There’s no doubt that the Duchess of Sussex looked amazing on her wedding day. Her skin was flawless, her makeup was subtle and let her natural gorgeousness shine through, and of course she was glowing with happiness.

But, I want to talk about Lady Kitty Spencer. I became instantly OBSESSED with her look. Her skin is flawless. The soft brown smokey eye makes her light green eyes pop. Blush and highlight are perfectly placed and the pinky-coral lip is a perfect enhancement of her natural lip color. The look is light and elegant, yet very natural. According to US Weekly, her look was created by Charlotte Tilbury. I haven’t tried their products yet but it makes me itch for a trip to the makeup counter. My version is a little darker since I have darker features but I am really loving the result. Also, how have I never tried this blush placement?!

So, what do you think?! I am loving this look. It’s perfect for any wedding on your calendar. Would it be weird to wear this look every day? NOPE! 😉

Face: I started with Benefit POREfessional primer on my face and Laura Mercier eye primer on my lids. Under my eyes I used Mary Kay Undereye Corrector followed by Too Faced Born This Way foundation in Warm Nude. On top of that I used Too Faced Born This Way concealer in Light Medium for the highlight areas under my eyes, forehead, nose, and chin. I know many people love the Beauty Blender but I am just not a fan. I use Sephora Pro Flawless Airbrush brush #56 and love the airbrushed look it gives. I set everything with Mary Kay Translucent Powder. Over the highlighted areas, I used Laura Mercier Candleglow Sheer Perfecting powder. It gives a lightly diffused highlighted look without being too bling-y. I love it under my eyes. Using Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer I very lightly contoured my cheek bones and nose. Right above the contour I used Mary Kay Shy Blush. On my cheekbones and caring it up to my temple I used a powder highlight that I have. It’s been depotted and there’s no name on the back but I am almost positive it’s from Julep.

Eyes: I started with Enlight from the Jaclyn Hill palette all over my lids followed by M.F.E.O. from the same palette on the lid taking the color up to the brow bone and just under the brow itself. I used Winning Ticket from the Color Pop You Had Me At Hello palette (loving this one!) in the crease with a touch of Caramelized from the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette along my lash line. I lined my eyes with Marc Jacobs Fineliner in Truffle. I used Tartiest Lash Paint on my lashes, followed by Benefit Rollerball mascara to lengthen them a bit more.

Lips: Her lips are a great coral-nude color. I used one that is more pink from Bare Minerals: Swag. Looking back, my Julep Lip Oil is Obsession would have been a great color as well.

What was your favorite look from the Royal Wedding?