All That Glitters…

…is (rose) gold!  I went to Ulta looking for something else* and they were having a GWP for their Ulta line of cosmetics.  I am a SUCKER for free stuff.  Especially when you have to spend money to get it, apparently!  I took a look at the selection and it was so picked over half of the shelves were empty.  I was about to leave empty handed when I came across this on my way out-it was in the wrong place!

Aren’t the colors SO pretty?!  I love these colors and they are neutral enough they can be worn with almost anything.  The liner above is Ulta’s liner in Raisin.  It did not come with the palette but it has been a nice complement.  The brush that did come with it is super soft and I have been loving it.


Using MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Soft Ochre as a base

Prosecco, Hopeless Romantic, Dessert and Prosecco, Chandelier, Sweetheart are my two favorite combinations for a quick everyday look.

I have not used a lot of Ulta brand products.  Firstly, because I typically shop Sephora (I prefer their selection and Beauty Insider program) and secondly I just always thought of their line as ‘drugstore’ quality.  Basically I see Ulta as Walmart while Sephora is Target.  Anyway…

As for the quality, it’s pretty much what I expected.  There is a lot of fallout and not a lot of pigment but I am still loving this palette.  I was really surprised at how long the color lasted.  I posted a picture the other day on Instagram.  I was in a hurry and accidentally skipped eye primer.  The color is still there and the creasing is minimal.  I can create a really soft and pretty look that makes me feel feminine and put together that will last.  Plus, another win for this palette was that it was only $20.  Other brands will run at least twice as much for a similar product.  It is also a GREAT palette for beginner makeup wearers.  It provides some nice versatility, won’t break the bank, and because the pigment is light it’s easy to use.

Keep an eye on my Instagram for pictures of me wearing these shades over the next few weeks! @lovelypinkglitter


*I am looking for a dupe to Clinique’s Intense Black Honey eyeliner.  I LOVE the color but I do not love the super soft formula.  If you know of anything in this color that might work, post in the comments please!  I’ve checked out all brands at Sephora, the Ulta line, and NYX.  Thanks!


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