Stitch Fix #4

My first fix after baby!  YAY!  Back to (almost) regular clothes.  Don’t know what Stitch Fix is?  You can check out my first post where I give a little detail here and get your own fix here.  I was super excited to receive this fix since being pregnant gave me a reason to go through my closet and get rid of a bunch of stuff.  I gave my stylist free range with the only request that tops be really easy to wear while nursing.  Normally I take pictures of me wearing the items…but parenthood. 😉 Here are my thoughts:

I really liked the fit of these jeans but I just can’t get behind the ‘boyfriend’ cut.  I know they are trending right now because they are everywhere but I just don’t care for the way they look on me.  I love how they look on others with a slip on sneaker or sandal though.  This particular pair was a bit long on me, which almost never is an issue.  I even tried to roll the leg up one more time but it was still not working for me.  Verdict:  Return

The colors on this dress are really muted, almost faded, which was an automatic turn off.  In addition to the belt, there is a cinched waist which is not something that has EVER worked for me and my short torso.  If it was just the belt I could maybe make it work but that wasn’t the case with this dress.  Also, the neckline is really wide and really low.  There is no way to wear this without a cami underneath.  On the plus side, it would make nursing super easy.  Verdict:  Return

This top is definitely something I would not pick for myself but when I first saw it I thought it had some promise.  When I tried it on it was ok.  I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it.  While it would give easy access for nursing I worried that any spit up or residual milk may leave a stain on the fabric.  Verdict:  Return


I almost didn’t even try these on I disliked them so much.  They are not my style at all. I feel like every other item in my fix at least somewhat resembles my style these were a total miss.  I did try them on before returning my box and they were really stiff.  Also, the top of the shoe comes really close to my ankle and digs in uncomfortably when walking.  Verdict:  Return


I actually really liked this top.  I have one that is almost identical from Banana Republic so I did not keep it.  The fit was great but it was a bit long.  It would be perfect with leggings or add a thin belt and it could be a (rather short) dress for someone braver than I.  Verdict:  Return

This fix missed the mark.  I went back through my pinterest page which I have linked to give the stylist a better idea of what I like and I can see the path from my pins to what came in my box.  So while this box didn’t do it for me I am excited to get another next month!  You can also see that the last 3 boxes have had some great items.  This is the first time I have returned everything.

I will say that their customer service has been fantastic.  I received 3 different contacts from their staff checking in regarding my fix and apologizing for missing the mark this month.  We will see how next month goes!

Want your own fix?!  Check them out!



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