DIY: Bow Frame

I am back!  Little Audrey was born on 6/1 and we have been enjoying life with an infant ever since!  It has been a crazy ride but she is great and we are super excited to watch her grow into a little person.  They say you forget what life was like before kids, and as cliche as that saying is, it’s been so true for us.  Maybe it’s just the sleep deprivation because I can’t remember much of 3 days ago either.  For my first post back, I thought I’d share an item from her room:


Photo by Roza Melendez Photography (

As soon as I found out we were having a girl I wanted to go out an buy bows and headbands in every color under the sun.  So of course, we got some as gifts and I went at got a (large) handful and needed somewhere to store them.  I checked out good ole’ Etsy and was surprised by the cost of these frames.  On average they were about $40 a piece.  Don’t get me wrong, I love supporting local and small shops.  I understand and appreciate cost of supplies, cost of time, and that these shops are not in business to give away their work for free.  However, in this case I was feeling creative and wanted to give it a shot.


  1.  Frame.  I found one similar to this at Hobby Lobby.  They always have items on sale or a great coupon available.  I found mine for $15 in white.
  2. Ribbon.
  3. Glue Gun
  4. Tea Cup hooks 
  5. Paint
  6. Drill with wood drill bit a size smaller than your hooks


  1. Remove the glass and backing of the frame and paint your frame in chosen color. I used Behr Ultra in Guava Jelly. I got the sample size for about $5 from Home Depot
  2. After measuring the ribbon, I used the glue gun to attach the ribbon to the lip on the back of the frame where the glass would typically rest.
  3. Using the drill, place holes evenly spaced in the bottom of your frame. You want to  drill the holes first so you don’t split the wood when twisting in the hooks.  (Phil did this for me)
  4. Attach bows and hang headbands!

Easy 😜




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