Liquid Palisade

If you follow any nail design accounts on Instagram, chances are you have seen Liquid Palisade by Kiesque in action.  It is a liquid nail tape that allows you to create custom designs that sometimes stamps or stencils don’t allow for.

I chose to do something really simple as I it tested out.  I purchased the French Manicure version which has a very thin brush.  They also have their original version which has a thicker brush and is often used on the skin around the nail to be the barrier when using stamps or stencils.

I found it pretty easy to use and very forgiving when making a straight line.  I used Butter London’s Patent-Gel Tops and Tails for my base and top coats.  Julep Brigitte was my first coat.  It’s a white, cream finish polish.  In picture 2, the purple is the Liquid Palisade.  I found this design idea on Pinterest.  With the Liquid Palisade in place, I then used butter London in Fiver for the second coat of polish.  Using tweezers I pulled off the Liquid Palisade leaving the white to peek through.


Some tips when using the Liquid Palisade:

  1.  It is easier to lift when the Liquid Palisade overlaps onto your skin.
  2. Pull the Liquid Palisade off right away to create a clean line.

Check out their Instagram here.  Have you tried it?  You can get it at Sephora.  Share your pictures in the comments or use #lovelypinkglitter on Instagram!



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