40 Weeks

Today’s the day:  my estimated due date!  However, there is very little going on to indicate that little miss is ready to make her debut.  Up until last week I was doing really well with the whole, “she’ll come when she’s ready” concept.  Now, we are ready to meet her!  I’ve been home for almost 3 weeks.  I have completed my pre-baby to-do list and have watched more 30 minute sitcoms during the day than should ever be allowed and 2 full seasons of shows on Netflix.  I am bored!  I know that those with kids are probably chuckling while thinking, “just you wait…” but we are ready.

We are ready to see what she looks like.  We are ready to see what her personality develops into.  We are ready to see her smile.  We are ready to be a family of 4 (we have a furry kid as well).  I am ready to be able to lay down comfortably again, even if that doesn’t involve sleeping.  We are ready to be up at all hours.  We are ready for all the things that come along with being a new parent.   As ready as anyone can be, at least.

We are ready, but apparently she is not.  She’s the one in control here and we know that is what’s best for her.  So, we will wait, patiently, for our whole lives to change.



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