Stitch Fix #3

I wasn’t planning on taking maternity leave until a week before my due date, but my kidneys decided differently so I have actually been on leave for 2 weeks now. I didn’t want a long leave because what in the world would I do with my days!?  I am not the type that can veg on the couch for more than maybe 2 days before going stir crazy but let me tell you, I have somehow been busy!  There’s no way I could comfortably get my to-do list tackled in just one week (including so pre-written posts so I don’t completely fall off the blog-iverse).  So, as much as a literal pain my kidney issue has been, I am thankful for the signs to slow down and savor these last couple weeks pre-baby.  On todays list I am doing some meal planning for when she arrives, painting some wooden letters for her nursery and finally finishing up this post!

Last month I received a fix, and spoiler alert:  I kept it all!  😉  I did that for 2 reasons:  first, I couldn’t decide between some items and second, I knew I was going to skip a May fix and depending on how my body responds after birth I may skip June as well.

1. Noly Crochet Detail Cardigan


This sweater is lightweight, versatile and really cute!  I like the detail in the back and as I’ve recently given in to leggings, it’s long enough to cover my bum.

2.  Bowie Solid Dolman Sleeve Top & Carly Multi-Stone Layering Necklaceimg_6122I am saving this for postpartum. It’s super soft and while I could get away with it now, I’d stretch it out a lot as my belly has only gotten bigger since these pictures were taken.  The picture makes it look like a tomato color but it’s really more of a burnt orange. It’s not ever a color I would have picked out on my own but I’m actually really loving it.

The necklace speaks for itself. I asked for a dressier, silver necklace like the gold one I received last month. While this has the light jade color in it, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how many items I can easily wear it with.

3. Pistacia Split Neck maternity Blouseimg_6121

This has become a go-to top for me.  It’s very light weight as the weather heats up and super comfortable.  It is sheer and comes with a cami under it.  I love pairing it with denim and my Tory Burch Miller sandals in Vintage Vachetta (dark tan ;)).  The jade layering necklace also looks great with it.

4.  Blaire Maternity Dressimg_6120

At first I was not a fan of this dress at all but I knew we were going to a wedding at the end of April and while I was unsure of the look I fell in love with the comfort.  It’s navy with and a grey-ish, off white color so it was really hard to actually pair it with anything.  I ended up wearing it to the wedding with a light grey cardigan which looks better than the black blazer.

Overall I really liked this fix, which is a good thing since I kept it all!  The colors are a little more vintage-y and earthy-y than I typically choose:  creams, siennas,  off white, the heathered look, etc…  Typically I like crisp colors but what’s great about Stitch Fix is it pushes you out of your box. I’m looking forward to my first non-maternity fix!  They’ve also recently added shoes, which according to their Pinterest posts, are adorable. Get your own fix here and then tell me what you think!



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