Color Correcting Made Easy

Let me just say, makeup posts are hard!  Do you know how many layers of makeup you have to apply for the colors to show up correctly?!  I admire these Instagram ladies that post different looks daily.  Let’s be honest, while they are beautiful, most do not leave the house with that level of coverage.  It could probably survive a nuclear attack.  I do say this with love though; I enjoy following these ladies; I take inspiration from them, and I admire their dedication and artistry.

Moving on. Color correcting is currently everywhere!  If you were to believe the ads, you need 8 different colors to completely cover your face before you even put on foundation.  That can be overwhelming to even the most seasoned makeup buff. For me, that is just not practical day to day (unless I am taking professional pictures or on stage). So here’s my quick and easy color correcting guide:  pick 2 areas to focus on!

Basically, color correcting uses the color wheel to neutralize skin tones you don’t want to hide such as dark circles or dark spots. 

Yellow:  hides purple tones
Green:  hides redness
Purple:  brightens and hides yellow tones
Salmon:  hides blue tones (best for under-eye darkness on lighter skin)
Peach:  hides dark circles or spots (darker skin tones)
Brown: counteracts ashiness on medium to dark skin tones 

*these are very general descriptions. Depending on your skin tone you may have to play a bit. For example, when I use a cc cream, the yellow is better under my eyes. With normal foundation, the salmon is the best. Also, the brown is a great contour for my skin tone as well!

I wanted to play with different colors and techniques so I purchased this great all-in-one cream palette from NYX. I was surprised at its staying power with my oily skin and the creaminess of the product. My 2 areas of concern: under my eyes and the area around my nostrils and down around the outer corners of my lips.   Under my eyes I have dark circles and around my nose/mouth there is a lot of redness that I could do without. I used the peach and green correctors for these areas, blended them in then covered with my regular foundation.  If the corrector isn’t blended perfectly, that’s ok since you’ll cover it anyway. 

1-no makeup. 2-just salmon and green correctors over primer. 3-foundation and blush added

What are your color correcting must haves?!



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