Bad Hair Cut Help

It seems lately like I haven’t had much luck in the beauty department.  One of these unlucky instances happened just last week when I received a pretty bad hair cut.  Since moving back to California, I have not been looking forward to finding a new stylist.  I decided to check out a local salon with a handful of regional locations that had pretty good yelp reviews and I have one friend who goes to this salon in a different part of town and she loves her stylist.  I thought, “I’m just getting a quick and easy cut, what could go wrong?”  Famous last words.


When I get my hair done, I usually get some version of the long, layered look and add some type of color.  I refuse to go shorter than my shoulders, and I am terrible at upkeep so I always ask for something that will grow out well.  As I am sure you can see, what I asked for is something along the lines of the picture on the left and what I got is on the right.  I don’t know if the stylist was new or just not paying attention.  Normally I would NOT have left the salon but it was a later appointment, I was just going home so I opted out of styling.  I straighten or curl my hair almost daily so I let it air dry whenever possible.  Anyway, when she showed it to me, my hair was still wet and somehow I didn’t notice until it had dried later that evening.

So what now?  Well, I had to hide it!  I called the salon to go back in to have it fixed but let’s just say that based on my conversation with the girl who answered, I lost all confidence that it would be taken care of without chopping off more of the length.  Before being able to get in with another stylist at a different salon I had to figure out how to hide the hack job.  Of course, there’s always the classic pony or bun that are great go-tos but I feel like they are the obvious choices.  I came up with 3 other foolproof ideas you can add in to your mix-without being a stylist!

1-Curls!  Well placed curls can hide a lot.  Where I wanted the layers to look shorter, I made the curls tighter and where they layers should look longer the curls were looser.  Curls also hid the choppiness of the layers themselves and softened the look a lot. 

2-A well placed braid!  I took the hair from my part and braided it in a lazy french braid.  In a classic french braid you add hair to each of the 3 pieces as you go.  For this, I only added hair to the front piece and kept it loose.  I braided down to just above the top of my ear then I used a bobby pin to hide the end of the braid under the rest of my hair on that side.

3-A fancy clip!  I brushed out yesterdays curled hair which kept some body, added some dry shampoo and just pulled back the hair on the top part of my head into this round clip.  It’s a more adult looking half up/half down look that was a staple in dance recitals growing up.  Plus, it took less than 30 seconds!  I think I got this clip on sale through Sephora. 

    Do you have a bad cut story too?!  Share in the comments 😘





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