Kona Coffee BBQ Rub

I have been back in California for about 7 months.  It’s been about the same amount of time since my last post (and boy has a lot happened!).  A piece of my heart will always be in Hawaii and maybe that’s why my return post (by complete coincidence) is Hawaii related!

With a little bit of planning I could easily be a vegetarian except every now and then I love a nice, good steak.  And, if you know me, you know that I also love coffee.  I am not sure how I have gone my whole life without combining the two but until about a week ago this was my truth.

This bad boy was brought home for me a few weeks ago and I cannot wait to try it on everything!  It’s SO good.  When you open the jar you can smell the coffee and the cayenne pepper.  I used it on a ribeye and when cooked it was a perfect blend of coffee, and lime with just a kick of cayenne.  As I type that, I realize it sounds like an odd combination but it is delicious!  If you, or someone you know is headed to Hawaii, request this souvenir. It’s worth it!

Honolulu Coffee Company, Kona Coffee BBQ Rub
Ingredients:  100% Kona Coffee, Sugar, Sea Salt, Chilies, Onion, Garlic, Lime, Chocolate, Cayenne Pepper, Smoked Paprika

For the ribeye, I just put the rub on all sides and let it sit out for about 40 minutes.  I have never been all that confident in my steak making abilities so when Phil got home I had him sear it on the Breville Smart Grill.  Typically I like my meat medium rare but being pregnant I had him cook it to a medium heat.

I paired it with butternut squash. Typically I buy the whole veggie because you get more bang for your buck and I typically don’t mind the prep. With butternut squash it’s hard to cut so I let someone else do it!  It’s such a time saver it’s worth the extra price. I got a precut pack from Safeway.  I added about 2 tbs Grapeseed Oil, Paprika, and a dash of Seasoning Salt. Baked on 375 until soft and it paired perfectly with the beef!



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