It’s fall…

…well, unofficially! This means that scarves, hot cocoa, and fires are right around the corner! Well, for most at lease. For me, in Hawaii, it means wearing jeans with my slippahs (flip flops for you mainlanders ;)) instead of shorts. So, to celebrate the coming cooler weather I got in the spirit with a fun, fall mani:


It reminds me of a royal flag from the medieval times with the rich deep purple shades and the gold trim. I started my mani, as I do all my mani’s since finding this gem, with the butter LONDON Patent-Gel Nail Top & Tails Set.  Seriously, this stuff is AWESOME without the nail peeling that a traditional gel mani can cause when you start picking at it. Am I the only one?!  Then I used Julep Nail Color for the two shades of purple.  The lighter is Beverly and the darker is Trina.  Trina has a dust sparkle to it that makes it gorgeous!  I used an old, limited edition Gold Nail Color from Mary Kay for the trim.  Fun right?!  It’s so different from what I would normally do-which is a solid color and only fancy up the ring fingers.  But, that is what this blog is for:  taking me out of my comfort zone a bit.  

Julep is a monthly box subscription that I get and what I love about it is that while they focus of gorgeous nail color, they also include some great makeup items as well.  I have a few pieces I will be sharing shortly!  Want your own box?  Check it out here!


Julep Beauty Inc.


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