My Mascara Cocktail

I LOVE MASCARA!  It is the one item I refuse to leave the house without.  There are a few close seconds, like eye liner and blush, but mascara is, hands down, my desert island item.   I have worn falsies before and they are so much fun!  They are great for pictures, shows…any time I want my eyes to really stand out.  For the everyday, however, I think they are a bit much since I do have decent lashes on their own.  Here’s what I do to get long, voluminous lashes:

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 5.11.38 PM

1:  Start with bare lashes!  Make sure to wash your mascara and all eye makeup off each night before going to bed.  You can google images yourself but we all have mites that will eat the old mascara, then multiply, then you can imagine it only gets worse from there!  I use Mary Kay Oil Free Makeup Remover.  It is gentle and I find that it doesn’t rip my lashes out like other removers and it’s not oily!

2.  I prime my lashes with Mary Kay Lash Primer.  There are differing opinions on lash primers in general but for me, I have noticed that my lashes are more conditioned and fall out less since using this.  I also save time by running excess product through my brows in place of brow gel that can get flaky.

3.  Your favorite mascara!  In this picture series I used Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara.  It gives great overall volume and length.

4.  I top it all off with a lengthening mascara.  I use Mary Kay Lash Love Lengthening Mascara.  The comb-like brush helps to separate the lashes and for length alone, I haven’t found one that I like better.

Now, in addition to the order, there’s another trick that I recently learned, followed by a BFO (blind flash of the obvious) moment!  Wait until each layer dries!  Duh!  Probably one of the most basic mascara techniques and I somehow slept through that day in Mascara 101.  I save my brows, bronzer/contour, and blush for in between the layers or mascara.  This helps to eliminate re-clumping after you separate with the wands.  Since the product is no longer wet, it’s less likely to stick together.

One last piece of advice:  if you have to scrub your eye red to get your mascara off or your lose lashes each night, switch your mascara or your remover.  Or both.  Your eyes are surrounded by the thinest skin on your face.  Rubbing them only stretches the skin causing puffiness, redness, and wrinkles.  EEKK!

I love my “falsie without having to mess with glue and make sure they’re on straight” look!  You can see the difference in each picture!  Post your before and afters in the comments!  Can’t wait to hear what you think of this routine!


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