Under Construction-Plus a New Nail Color!

So, I have been MIA over the past 2 weeks but I promise I have more posts coming soon!!  They are under construction as some looks take a few tries to perfect or I am waiting on info to make sure I give you the latest and greatest!  Plus, I have to be honest-IT’S HOT HERE!  I think my bathroom, where I do my makeup, is the hottest room in the house.  I start sweating while getting ready for work at 6:30am!  It’s crazy.  So, I have recommitted to post a minimum of once a week in this blog.  This means that while I want to focus on makeup, there may be more variety as I deal with the heat, my crazy schedule, and the heat-yes, I know already said that 🙂  The humidity is something else out here though, especially when your house doesn’t have AC and the majority of any breeze is blocked by houses and a mountain.  Not that I am complaining; it’s just something that I am still adjusting to and figuring out.  AND I have been warned that August and September are even worse!  Stay tuned.  I am sure it will bring with it some interesting beauty finds!

So, to hold you over for this week I just got this gem in the mail and LOVE it!  I have recently fallen in love with dark plums and magentas on my fingers.


Bentley says “hi!”  The polish is from Julep, called Trina, and I have to say the quality is top notch.  I have only had an issue with one polish so far (and I have 8).  They offer a monthly box service that is a pretty good deal and while nail polish is the main product, they do have makeup and some skin care that so far I love.  I am waiting on my latest Maven Box with some more makeup for another post 🙂  Check it out and get your own Maven box here: http://www.julep.com/rewardsref/index/refer/id/561937/  (through my “refer a friend” link!)


Julep Beauty Inc.


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