About a month ago I attended the Beauty Trend Event at my local Nordstrom and came across a new polish set that will replace gel manicures for me!  Each weekend (usually a Saturday morning) I take some time, catch up on the DVR, and paint my nails.  It’s my “me” time and I find it relaxing after a long week at work.  The trouble that I ran into before was that my at home manicure would only last 3-5 days and going to the salon adds up cost wise until I found this:
This Patent-Gel Tops & Tails set is my newest go-to!  My manis now last a full week!  When you use the basecoat and topcoat together, they act like a gel making your mani last.  It’s $40 for the set which is about what I pay for 1 gel manicure at a salon after tipping, so I say this is well worth the price.  I will say that I have fallen in love with the butter LONDON polishes in addition to the gel set.

IMG_135520140620-112220-40940570.jpgOn the left is the mani that I received at the trend event.  At the event, I failed to write down the colors she used but looking at their website, I believe it’s  Macbeth Nail Lacquer with Ladybird Nail Lacquer on the ring finger.  On the right is my mani with Fiver Nail Lacquer.  I also purchased Cake Hole Nail Lacquer which is the perfect Barbie Pink for my toes!    The polishes are high quality, rich in color, go on smooth and the company is, “dedicated to bringing you high-fashion colour without compromise, so we never add Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, phthalates or parabens to any of our products.” (pulled directly from the butter LONDON website).

One of the best parts:  you can use the Patent-Gel Tops & Tails set with any color in between!  I have now used this for 4 manicures, with different brand polishes, and each week my nails are still looking great when I go about changing out my color.  It was totally worth the time spend waiting in line to get my polish changed 🙂

PS-makeup related posts coming soon!!  I promise!  Having a few camera difficulties that will be resolved in time for my next post!


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